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Social benefits for employees

Flexible payment program
Global benefits
Health policies

International mobility

Expatriate health policies
Local legislation analysis (Employee Benefits)
K&R policies (Sequestration)

Savings and Investment

Savings plans
Pension plans

We provide a tailored service,

on five continents

Out team, specialists in compensation, is oriented to offer an integral service to the client, to design a strategy and to implement, manage, and monitor it. We have specialists in different areas such as insurance, tax, labor, financial and legal, with ample experience in their field, which allows us to
offer a 360 degree service, seperating us from the competition. Our service is backed by our independence, experience, continuity and transparency.


To have a thorough knowledge of the risks, both local and international, of the countries in which our clients operate, or intend to operate.

To ensure compliance with the regulations in force in each and every one of the countries/states in which they operate.

To support the HR team in the design and/or development and implementation of the common Employee Benefits Strategy.

To balance costs to the maximum and maximize returns on the most profitable procedures globally.

How do we do it?
We consider trust to be the essential value that must reign in any relationship. At RibéSalat International Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers, we offer this assurance by placing special importance on the transparency of our efforts.
Our position as brokers allows us to operate according to an open architecture, making it possible to offer you independent advice, an approach which is thoroughly flexible, and above all, one which is dedicated to your interests so as to protect your well-being throughout the various stages of life.
The RibéSalat team of specialists has a wide variety of products and companies which gives us greater freedom while advising you in an accurate and professional manner.
Our distinguishing value resides in personalized advice, according to your particular situation.
We focus on getting to know and understand you through an active management style based on a more human, direct and personalized treatment through which, together with a detailed monitoring of the products, we achieve the objectives that you wish to achieve.