What do we do?
Employee Benefits


Our company’s long history, combined with our technological and mulitsectoral profile, allows us to have a corporate team trained to provide a comprehensive insurance solution for each sector. Our insurance programs, homogeneous and defferentiated, are the result of the application of an appropriate risk management exercise handled in a personalized and detailed manner. We examine, on a case by case basis, all risks which may affect, directly or indirectly, the trajectory of a company, regardless of your sector and size.
We utilize processes and information systems using web services for our highly-valued clients, working on cutting-edge technology platforms, We prepare detailed maps in order to study which risks may be transferred to the insurance markets and which to third parties. Through a business continuity plan we contribute to the survival of an organization in the event of an occurrence which may jeopardize it continuity.


Independent advice

Support tailored to each client

Damage insurance

Liability insurance

Financial insurance


Fleets of vehicles

Social foresight

More than 180 professionals

at your service


Social benefits for employees

Flexible payment program
Global benefits
Health policies

International mobility

Expatriate health policies
Analysis of local legislation(Employee Benefits)
K&R policies (Sequestration)

Savings and investment

Savings plans
Pension plans

We provide a tailored service

on five continents

In the analysis of the reality of the countries in which it operates, along with the activities which are conducted from the perspective of social benefits and local laws. Proposing solutions and/or products for the improvement or implementation of the strategy from a global perspective, with local legislative, procedural, and strategic references.


To have a thorough knowledge of the risks, both local and international, of the countries in which our clients operate, or intend to operate.

To ensure compliance with current regulations in each and every one of the countries/states in which it operates.

To support the HR team in the design and/ or development and implementation of the common strategy.

To balance costs to the maximum and maximize returns on the most profitable procedures globally.

How do we do it?

  • Auditing / Benchmarking / Management / Pooling & Captives / Reinsurance / International mobility / Local solutions (life, health, retirement...)
  • Coordinated approach
  • Coordinated by the Ribé Salat team, working in partnership with Henner
  • Centalized management in one single point of contact
  • Independent consulting
  • Without external pressures
  • In conjunction with our client’s goals
  • Flexibility
  • Support tailored to each client
  • With respect to the reality of each country/company