Leaders in Service
We know what decisions are more important for organizations.
And we know what makes us different:
- Our commitment: to work efficiently and effectively for the benefit of our clients, with respect to the markets.
- Our goal: to acheive the perfect balance between protection and cost.
- Our perspective: We work in the short term with sustainable strategies for the future.
- Our maxim: transparency and loyalty.
International team
+11,000 professionals worlwide, committed to service.
As shareholders in ASSUREX GLOBAL, our extensive international team is at the service of our clients.
We are the largest risk advisory and broking group in the world.
International and personable, we advise in a global way, taking into account the peculiaritites of each organization.
We know the market, and we know the industry of our clients and their environment, but, above all, we strive to know their organization, culture and objectives in order to aid them in their international adventure.
Whether you are an organization with a long global track record, or are just starting your process of internationalization, we will be delighted to share our knowledge.

We are global

because our clients are