A comprehensive insurance programme must support the company as it grows, reducing the inevitable uncertainty and maximising profits.

To do this, all risks must be understood, quantified and assessed, so that the best cover can be implemented and monitored.

To develop tailor-made solutions all options should be explored, from the most traditional to thinking "outside the box".

Why do I need credit insurance?

When a company grants credit to a customer, it automatically exposes itself to the risk of non-payment, and one thing crises have taught us is that no one is too big to fall:
It protects margins by limiting the impact of unpaid invoices
It outsources and professionalises the management of debt recovery
It improves and complements internal risk management processes
It increases and facilitates access to financing
It allows you to adjust customers’ payment terms to reflect their solvency status
It optimises your balance sheet and bottom line
It helps the company to do more and more profitable business, as you can check potential customers’ solvency in advance
80% of companies suffer from non-payment
25% of corporate bankruptcies are related to customer default

Benefits of credit insurance

Risk prevention Each customer is continuously monitored, and their solvency and payment record are verified, thus ensuring a secure sale.

Debt recovery Effective risk prevention minimises default and, if it occurs, the possibility of recovering an insured sale, carried out by professionals, is increased considerably, reducing the administrative load and protecting your relationship with your customer.

Compensation If debt recovery is unsuccessful or prolonged, you receive compensation for the loss.
In short, it protects your balance sheet, helps to improve cash flow and your ability to request financing. It allows you to improve payment conditions with your customers and to initiate new relationships with greater confidence.

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