In such a competitive environment, aligning remuneration with business strategy is essential. People & Talent design and implement remuneration programmes which attract and retain talent while encouraging commitment. They also develop global benefit, health and social welfare programmes.

Health & Benefits

We take care of your employees through:

Flexible Remuneration Programmes:
Flexible remuneration is the opportunity a company offers its employees to change part of their monetary remuneration for a series of tax-free products or services.

Health, Life, Accident Programmes Having a Health, Life and Accident programme that is tailored to your company's needs will protect your employees against possible unforeseen events in their day-to-day activities.

Global Benefits Systems It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to attract, motivate and retain talent. It is thus highly advantageous to offer benefits to your employees that do not involve additional costs and minimise your company's tax liability.


Planning your employees' retirement properly is essential to ensure the continuity of your company. At RibéSalat we design a plan that allows you to optimise both cost and tax benefits.

Wealth & Investment

Through our team of financial advisers, we are able to offer different individual and collective solutions in line with the needs of our customers.

International mobility

The constantly changing and unpredictable global environment has led many companies to rethink the control, care and safety of their employees. At RibéSalat, we help you to ensure the safety of your employees and managers when they travel on business.

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