Our objective is to support organisations as they adapt to the new competitive environment, in order to improve their results, by transforming their organisational model, and through the management and development of staff.

We believe in a business model based on profitability, sustainability, and cooperation based on commitment, honesty and trust.

All this can be done with a team of human resources consultants, lawyers specialising in employment and tax matters, actuaries, financial advisers and executives from the insurance sector, with extensive experience in different specialised areas, allowing us to offer a comprehensive, high quality service.

People & Talent

Global Benefits

In such a competitive environment, aligning remuneration with business strategy is essential. People and Talent designs and implements remuneration programmes to attract and retain talent and develop commitment, as well as global benefit, health and social welfare programmes.

RS Talent

An organisation is as successful as its talent. We help organisations to maximise people's potential through careful attention to detecting and developing their talent, and managing their careers.