Goods cargo insurance offers cover for goods during transport for material damage and any losses affecting them that may arise. Cover runs from initial loading to unloading at the final destination and also includes any intermediate logistical storage necessary.

Types of cover for goods cargo

Specified cover:
the policy specifies what is covered.

the policy covers all scenarios and circumstances except those expressly excluded.

Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made solutions can be devised in line with the needs of each customer, according to their activity, the nature of the load to be insured and the means of cargo used.

Our experts on risks related to the cargo of goods draw up tailor-made solutions for our customers. As well as damage to the load, they include additional features such as the cost of material removal and waste clearance, additional expenses arising from the incident (such as customs charges and storage necessary to preserve the load), or damage resulting from bad stacking.


Fleet insurance is very similar to vehicle insurance. What makes it different is that a number of vehicles are protected under a single policy. This solution is more efficient, economical and convenient for companies with multiple vehicles. It brings peace of mind by offering standardised cover for the entire fleet, enabling you to control what you are insuring, avoiding different criteria for some vehicles and others.

Analysis of claims

It is also a good way to have an overall view of claims involving the company. This is an area where risk management is important and it is interesting to have accurate records of any additional factors and parameters linked to claims that will allow you to take measures to minimise them.

This will reduce the number of claims for your fleet of vehicles, making it more attractive for insurers, so that more options are available and costs can be cut because of the risk transfer.

At RibéSalat we have tools and systems to manage fleet risk, obtain cover certificates and green cards, and register and deregister vehicles, among other requirements, making the management of your fleet very simple, through a single contract with the leading experts in insurance solutions.

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