The main purpose of this type of policy is to provide cover for material damage to property, machinery, furniture or stock as a result of circumstances covered by the policy.

This is a policy suitable for all types of company, but it is different for each of them. Different guarantees can be established and different cover models for each company according to its needs. It is important to have proper advice, to formulate solutions that match the risks linked to each case.

Types of cover for Property

Cover for named risks:
Cover is provided for the circumstances expressly specified in the policy.

Comprehensive Property:
Comprehensive cover is provided, except for the circumstances expressly excluded in the policy.

Whatever type is chosen, the important thing is to have drawn up a good risk map, to carry out a detailed analysis of risks, and to define a solution suitable for the case in question.

Interruption of business activity

The most important asset for a company is being able to carry on its activity. It is essential to have good cover to be able to meet the cost of any damage that arises.

An unforeseen event that causes the company to cease its activity could cause the greatest loss and would probably be the most difficult to deal with. To achieve peace of mind, it is necessary to carry out an analysis of the scenarios that could affect the activity and configure cover according to its needs.

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