The importance of civil liability goes beyond the legal requirements necessary for the proper functioning of a business or the conduct of a commercial activity. Insurance for civil liability provides significant protection for the insured person and support in numerous areas and situations.

Consequently, regardless of a company's exposure to risk or the need for a more standard or special policy, all companies, businesses and professions need cover that meets their needs and protects them against the risks associated with their activity.

Why do I need Civil Liability Insurance?

Civil Liability Insurance is important because no one is incapable of making mistakes in the course of their activity, not even those who provide advice or services.

It must also be understood that it is not necessary for an error to have occurred for a claim to be made. The claim may even be unfounded but you will still need the help of legal services or may be involved in a court case with substantial defence and procedural costs. These would also be covered if you have Civil Liability Insurance.

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