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Few changes have had such a direct impact on users' lives as the digital solutions currently available. A large number of traditional businesses have been reinvented, and it is becoming increasingly common to find companies whose activities are closely linked to technology. We could say that everything is tech: FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech, LegalTech.

Interconnectedness, the increase in the number of users connected, new devices and applications, technology platforms and new, fast and flexible business models, mean that these activities and companies face constant challenges and experience increased risks.

At RibéSalat, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of exposure and the new risks that arise every day and seek solutions to reduce their impact on tech companies, managing it in the best way possible, in line with their strategy.

Essential insurance

Cyber Risk

Protects a business from cyberattacks that compromise the security of computer systems and helps to address direct losses due to the interruption of business and indirect losses due to possible claims by third-parties affected by the incident.

In the case of a technology company, it helps with the implementation of its strategic business continuity plan.

D&O (Director’s & Officer’s)

Covers the personal assets of the company's directors and executives in the event of third-party claims.

Directors often have to deal with requests from investors and strict growth deadlines, so it is advisable to distinguish their personal assets from the assets of the company.

Professional Civil Liability

Insurance offering cover for third-party claims due to events related to the conduct of a particular professional activity.

Technology companies are constantly adapting and evolving. Given the speed at which business changes, mistakes are likely to be made. Professional Civil Liability insurance is essential to avoid having to face unexpected losses.

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