Tailor-made solutions for mobility

Mobility has changed a lot in recent years. The arrival on the scene of electric cars, scooters, electric bikes, connected vehicles, etc. is changing consumption habits and the way people move about, as well as the physical and geographical limits of companies' activities.

All of this is modifying the way in which we offer our customers services: new offers that cover new needs, new communication and sales channels, new players focusing on meeting specific needs.

Our aim is to satisfy our customers and develop a relationship based on trust. For this reason, we work closely with them, creating a personalised proposal according to their needs.

Shared mobility

Consumer habits have changed in recent years, Pay per Use and the Collaborative Economy leading to new mobility models.

Shared mobility allows you to use transport only when you need it, without the need to purchase a vehicle, simply by paying for its use.

We adapt all our programmes to this model of consumption and service provision, from an insurance and technological perspective.

We have extensive experience in managing the risk of fleets of scooters, bicycles and other vehicles, offering compulsory civil liability services, accident cover for users, damage to and theft of goods, assistance services, and maintenance contracts.

Retail mobility, manufacturers, distributors and large automotive groups

We design and manage insurance programmes that include all the features needed by manufacturers and distributors of personal mobility vehicles, covering the risks that affect the sector and those affecting its customers.

We offer a tailor-made technological platform for the distribution of services through online dealers or direct channels.

We have experience of demo vehicle fleets, vehicle assistance, compulsory civil liability insurance and optional guarantees, accidents, replacement vehicles, warranty extensions, replacement vehicles, and puncture insurance.

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