In professional sports, especially in professional football where the physical demands are extreme, an athlete’s career can be severely affected by an injury. This risk, omnipresent whether training or in a match, not only threatens the continuity of their athletic performance but also their economic stability.

Risks inherent in professional sport Professional athletes constantly face the risk of injuries that can leave them out of the competition for extended periods. Beyond the physical pain and the rehabilitation process, these injuries can prevent them complying with performance clauses, such as the number of matches played, which are often linked to economic bonuses in their contracts.

That is why a professional athlete has to keep in mind that these risks can happen and that to minimise them, they would be well-advised to have insurance.

Why is insurance so essential?

  1. Protection against the unexpected: In high-performance sports, an injury can change an athlete’s career overnight. Having proper insurance means that the player can face these challenges knowing that their financial stability is protected.
  2. Focus on recovery: When a player knows that their income is guaranteed, they can devote their time and energy to a complete recovery without the pressure of having to return to the field prematurely to satisfy contractual goals involving variable bonuses and remuneration.

The value of insurance focused on the athlete The main advantage of insurance for athletes is it protects them against loss of income during a period of forced inactivity. This allows the player to focus on their recovery without the financial pressure of having to return before they are fully healed. This protection also extends to various competitions, which guarantees that the insurance is relevant and applicable, regardless of where the athlete plays.


Who does InsureYourBonus cover?

InsureYourBonus covers players in a variety of competitions, including the First Division of La Liga, the Second Division SMARTBANK League, the Copa del Rey, as well as international competitions such as the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League. This means that almost all the matches an athlete could play in are covered.

How does this benefit athletes?

Specialised insurance, such as InsureYourBonus, offers athletes the security they need to achieve their personal goals and objectives. Our policy, unique in the Spanish league, will allow you to press ahead with confidence, knowing that you are backed and protected if you are injured.

Insurance for professional athletes is a fundamental tool to ensure that physical challenges don’t turn into financial problems. The protection offered by a policy such as InsureYourBonus lets athletes stay focused on what really matters: their recovery and athletic performance, without the fear of losing their income due to circumstances beyond their control.

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