The major challenge facing many organisations today is to grow by expanding and diversifying their current services, without losing brand identity or the sales of their main service.

At this point, you can ask yourself:

  • Can my organisation offer insurance to our main customers?
  • Can insurance bring me extra income?
  • Can insurance help me to increase customer loyalty?
  • Will my staff be able to offer other cost-effective services?

In this article, based on a B2B2C success story with a chain of centres offering professional medical services and selling products with electronic components, we share the general methodology used to achieve success in the design and implementation stages of a multitude of agreements involving retail or general sales organisations with B2B2C insurance agreements.


  1. Become familiar with and analyse the current environment (both nationally and internationally) and similar business models, looking for major service opportunities.
  2. Insurance and technological solutions that can be adapted to the organisation and its customer.
  3. Design a new distribution model, in which the active participation of the representatives of each area in the distribution chain is key to its success.

RibéSalat proposal

The RibéSalat team has drawn up a diversification agreement based on the following premises:

  1. The creation of a personalised insurance policy geared to total satisfaction and covering the maintenance, breakage and theft of the items distributed, not covered by the manufacturer’s own guarantee during the three years of the total satisfaction programme for new customers.
  2. 100% online process integrated into the general programme. Customers indicate whether or not they want the insurance; it can then be automatically generated in the organisation’s programme.
  3. Insurance and service tracking from the start. We integrate monitoring in the event of breakage in the customer service programme.
  4. Protocol between the insurer and the repair service centre in the event of a claim.
  5. Clear, brief and fully supported. To prevent user leakage during the process, the team ensures an optimal user experience.
  6. Continued innovation through a development programme.

With this new contracting model, RibéSalat once again demonstrates its ability to innovate and develop exclusive agreements for its customers.

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