The main function of travel insurance is to protect customers against any unforeseen event that may arise before and/or during their trip. They are thus sure of basic comfort and a series of guarantees if there are any unforeseen events during their trip, assistance being provided immediately. Some cover, such as travel cancellation, expenses (especially medical expenses) and accident cover, is now considered essential.

6 keys for choosing travel insurance:

1. The nature of your trip

Depending on the type of trip, its duration and frequency, certain possible situations or complications need to be considered. Medical expenses abroad are often high and, in the event of hospitalisation, the need for a family member to join the patient should be foreseen. Other factors such as the urgent shipment of possessions or documents, money in the event of theft, or financial compensation for possible losses should also be considered, according to the purpose of the journey and the risks involved. If you plan a long trip, the possibility of cancelling it in advance because of possible unforeseen events is highly advisable.

2. Decide what you really need

Good planning can help us to decide which services we want to prioritise and what clauses we do not really need to include in the contract.

3. Tailored travel insurance

A conference abroad, an excursion, a longer stay or a study trip. These trips all have different characteristics and therefore require a customised approach. Good insurance cover tailored to the type of journey is always a guarantee.

4. Scope of cover for assistance

When travelling by car, motorbike, yacht, etc., one of the main aspects to be considered is the distance at which the service is provided. In this case, we need to differentiate between the assistance to vehicles and to people. In the first case, most companies offer the service from km 0, while, in the second case, there are quite a few differences between companies.

5. Things you never expect

There are situations that are impossible to foresee, because we are unaware of them or for bureaucratic reasons. The granting of a scholarship applied for months earlier, compulsory attendance at a polling station on election day, or the handover of an adopted child on a specific day are situations that can arise unexpectedly and are covered by travel insurance.

6. Advice and contact

In the event of a car breakdown, an accident or a simple query, it is always helpful and may even be vital to know the times at which assistance is available under the service.


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