Spanish companies are increasingly aware of the importance of making the leap abroad, an idea that makes even more sense when the country is experiencing a delicate economic situation and internationalization is seen as a promising lifeline. Being able to export products and services is a great opportunity that must be taken full advantage of, especially at a time when digitalisation and e-commerce have blurred barriers.


Internationalisation, advantages and difficulties

There is no doubt about the different advantages of internationalisation, such as the increase in target audiences, the increase in turnover or diversification. However, this is a process that must be carried out in a strategic and planned manner, where knowledge of the local market will be key to achieving successful expansion.

Because, precisely, the main obstacle that a company encounters when landing in another country is being able to nurture a network of collaborators that offer the same services as in their country of origin. The trust generated over the years with various suppliers ceases to exist if the supplier does not operate in the territory into which it has expanded. The counter resets to zero, so you have to forge new alliances.

Fortunately, this is not always the case. In many sectors, such as insurance, organisations can enjoy the same service and care as in Spain with a global coordination and vision of the different risks. Although the market for international programmes has traditionally been characterised by being very concentrated, there are currently options that any internationalised company or anyone who is thinking of carrying out this process should take into account.


Efficient, fast and tailor-made service

What insurance policy should my company take out in Asia or Africa? How can the different risks be prevented depending on the country I am present in? There are many insurance issues that arise when a company decides to take the plunge. For this reason, the main advantage of going with an insurance and reinsurance expert, such as RibéSalat, is that it knows the different circumstances of each territory.

At RibéSalat we accompany all our customers with interests abroad as partners in Assurex Global, a structure that is made up of the most important independent insurance brokers in each country. With over 600 offices on five continents, we are the network partner for Spain.

Thanks to our experience of over 35 years, our differential value is that we are aware of the wide variety of needs that companies have, knowing first-hand that the same product does not have to be adapted to all companies. For this reason, in addition to traditional services, we look for the best formulas, tailor-made solutions, with the aim of meeting needs. Because the peace of mind of having a worldwide trusted specialist by your side is an advantage.

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