The sports industry generates wealth and has a very significant impact on the Spanish economy and the creation of employment. Although the sector has gone through a delicate period in recent months, the pandemic has highlighted the need for insurance that protects sports clubs, federations, sports centres and individual athletes.

While it is true that physical exercise is a great source of health, it should not be forgotten that it can also cause accidents and injuries. It is therefore essential for athletes to have sports insurance that is appropriate for their circumstances. The number of affiliated athletes taking part in different types of sport has increased significantly in recent years. According to the latest report of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, in 2019 more than 3,867,000 people were affiliated.

Cover suitable for each athlete The insurance market has been adapting to the needs of both athletes and clubs in order to offer the widest range of options possible. There are various types of sports policy that are currently in demand.

Firstly, there is sports accident insurance, intended for all amateurs who take part in a sport regularly. The policy allows you to access the best medical experts and private centres in the event of an accident while you are doing sport.

Sports insurance for affiliated athletes is aimed at those who participate in official competitions. This is a compulsory policy that covers any risk arising during the competition. In this case the athlete’s insurance must be taken out by the Spanish Federation or the autonomous region’s federation.

There are also insurance policies for professional athletes. These must cover accidents and injuries, and it is advisable for them to include capital for sick leave due to injury when the sport is individual and an injury can interrupt current and future income.  In this respect, the great stars of sport have à la carte policies, insuring different parts of their bodies.

Insurance for federations, clubs and sports facilities covers all the risks that may arise when any user is taking part in sport on the premises, and all issues related to them, from accidents with machinery and furniture to weather conditions that seriously affect the premises themselves. The most important insurance policies in this area include civil liability insurance for the activity and the directors, damage to premises, and sports accident insurance for athletes.

RibéSalat has a specialised sports department with more than 30 years’ experience and offers new insurance solutions with cover for the needs of each customer, promoting such important sporting values as perseverance, sacrifice, the desire for self-improvement, and teamwork, which are fundamental to the company.

Prevention and protection, together with personalised advice according to the needs of each company, are the best tool to minimise any potential risks. As well as offering insurance solutions such as Civil Liability, Cybersecurity, Health and Accident, we devise ad hoc formulae for different types of organisation, from federations to gym chains and sports centres, plus individual élite athletes.

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